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Why Composites?

Durable, Tough, and Good Looking

Proven Winner

Composite Materials, like Micarta® and G10, have been utilized in demanding industrial applications for 100 years.
Prized for their toughness, they are some of the best handle, spacer, and stabilizer materials available.

What is Micarta®?

The original laminated Composite

It all started with Micarta®

Micarta® is a registered trademark of Norplex-Micarta.
It is used to describe composites reinforced with paper or cotton; usually phenolic resin, but also melamine and epoxy.

What is G10?

Glass Epoxy Laminate

Composite Sheet

G10 was originally an electrical grade of material. But, these materials have been adapted, colored, mixed, matched, and patterned to make durable, visually appealing, handle and grip materials.

Why UltreX™

By Norplex-Micarta

The Leader in Composites

UltreX™ is produced by Norplex-Micarta.
That’s right, Micarta® is in our name.
Customers choose us for high volume and repeatable materials with dependable service.

G-10, Micarta and SureTouch (Pat # 12,036,773) Composite Material Products

Welcome to UltreX Composites, manufactured by Norplex-Micarta, leaders in durable aesthetic composite material products. We custom design elegant yet highly durable composites for the gun, knife, billiard and many other industries. Norplex-Micarta has been designing high-quality composite materials for over 100 years and has extensive experience within the industry. Our previous work alone showcases the craftsmanship that goes into developing our products. We use materials such as fiberglass, paper, linen, canvas, rubber and various resins for crafting our Micarta, G-10, Peel Ply and SureTouch composite materials. All UtreX composites are manufactured in the United States.

To purchase your very own UltreX composites, be sure to visit one of our trusted authorized resellers by visiting our how to buy page. For more information about our composite material products, browse our site today.