G-10 Handle and Grip Material

Brilliant Colors, Extreme Toughness, Durability, and Chemical Resistance

Are you considering using G-10 handles or G-10 grips for your knife or gun business?

G-10 is extremely popular within the knife and gun industry, as it is most commonly used for knife handles and gun grips. At Norplex-Micarta, we manufacture some of the most exquisite, high-quality glass epoxy available. Our team has been manufacturing premium G-10 for decades. Our expert craftsmanship along with our high-quality materials and manufacturing equipment makes our product one of the best available on the market.

G-10 offers brilliant colors, extreme toughness, durability, and chemical resistance

G-10 was originally an industrial material. It has proved its toughness and durability in challenging electrical and mechanical device applications. Built from durable fiberglass and epoxy resin, and formed under high temperature and pressure, G-10 is unlike other polymers — it will not melt. G-10 is also resistant to temperature and is extremely lightweight. It is a rugged, resilient, reliable material suitable for a variety of uses, including aesthetic ones. While G-10 is similar to other products/materials such as Micarta and carbon fiber, the primary difference is G-10 uses glass fibers.

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UltreX™ Glass Epoxy G10

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Gun and Knife Industry

Due to G-10’s high level of durability, it is one of the most widely used materials in the gun and knife industry. Its sleek appearance and durable qualities make it far more favorable compared to various other materials. Since it is well known for being one of the strongest materials available, it is the preferred choice across a wide range of companies for producing G-10 handles for knives and pistol and revolver grips. G-10 does not rust, oxidize, become brittle, or become softer overtime.

Now available in several different vibrant colors, combinations, and surface treatments, UltreX™ G-10 materials use the same production methods relied upon by the most demanding applications in, on, and above the earth. And unlike other G-10 available in the market, UltreX™ G-10 is produced in the USA.

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