Paper Micarta

At Norplex-Micarta, we manufacture top-quality UltreX composites paper Micarta. We combine paper and phenolic resin to form a nearly indestructible piece of art. UltreX Composites has been designing and manufacturing Micarta and similar substrates for over 100 years. Our team of experts are well versed and skilled in the industry. We are confident that our customers will be nothing less than satisfied with the quality of our craftsmanship. While there maybe others who manufacture similar products, our quality stands apart from the rest.

Paper Micarta®

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Our Process

The process of manufacturing Micarta involves pressing together ply’s of phenolic treated paper, linen or canvas under high heat and pressure. From this point, the pressed sheet can be fabricated into various parts or shapes. While there are various substrates of Micarta that we manufacture, paper tends to produce richer colors and remain more homogeneous across the board. It generally produces a smoother texture, delivering more of a shine compared to that of canvas or linen micarta. The various paper Micartas continue to have a high demand in the gun and knife markets, as it is also one of the primary materials used for knife handle liners handles and some styles of pistol grips.

Micarta, in general, is popular due to its high durability and comfort. It is easy to grip, is heat- and water-resistant, and does not chip, rust, or degrade over time. This alone makes it the preferred choice of several industries compared to that of other materials such as wood, acrylic, thermoplastic or metal. Micarta is also extremely resistant to stress, vibration, and corrosive chemicals. Once Micarta is formed, it cannot be melted down and reformed, demonstrating how resilient this product is.

Paper Micarta tends to be slightly lighter than canvas or linen. The paper material offers a classy, more elegant appearance.

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