Linen Micarta

Norplex-Micarta manufactures several forms of Micarta including linen Micarta. UltreX Composites take the process of blending linen substrates with phenolic resins to form a durable yet beautiful product. Compared to canvas, linen produces a finer finish compared to the gradient finish produced by canvas. Regardless of which Micarta material you prefer, all will yield very similar results. Micarta, in general, is very durable and generates a unique, stylish look. Micarta is the perfect material used for creating durable handles seen on products such as knives and gun grips. It provides excellent grip and comfort for the user. One notable difference between linen Micarta compared to other materials is it is easier to cut and machine.

Linen Micarta®

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Our Micarta Manufacturing Process

The process of creating Micarta involves a few key components. We have taken the process of manufacturing these materials and truly made it our craft. We impregnate various linen substrates with different resin formulations. The next step is to then take these materials and press them under high heat and pressure to mold and form them into true works of art. This amazing material provides more than just comfort and durability. Micarta does not rust and is resistant to scratches and chipping over time. Micarta also provides extreme resilience to heat, water, stress, vibration, and various corrosive chemicals. Essentially, once Micarta has been formed, it cannot be reheated and reformed, as the material has already set. This illustrates just how strong this material truly is, again making this material perfect for the gun and knife industry.

About Ultrex Composites

UltreX Composites stand to perform above the rest. Our team has been carefully crafting premium quality linen Micarta for over a century. Our previous projects showcase the creativity, quality, and craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing and development process of our products. For information on our products, visit one of our trusted authorized resellers today.