Carbon Fiber

At Norplex-Micarta, we manufacture and source top-quality carbon fiber for knife handles, gun grips and many other applications. We offer plain weave, 3K twill, 6K twill and marbled carbon fiber. UltreX Composites has been designing and manufacturing Micarta and similar substrates for over 100 years. Our team of experts are well versed and skilled in the industry. We are confident that our customers will be nothing less than satisfied with the quality of our craftsmanship. While there maybe others who manufacture similar products, our quality stands apart from the rest.

Carbon Fiber

Available Styles

Our Process

The process of manufacturing Micarta, G-10, SureTouch or Carbon Fiber involves pressing together ply’s of treated paper, linen, canvas, fiberglass, fiberglass and rubber or carbon fiber under heat and pressure. From this point, the pressed sheet can be fabricated into various parts or shapes. Our carbon fiber is manufactured to meet our high quality standards to minimize voids and optimize appearance.

Carbon Fiber is offered in plain, twill and marbled finish, as well as 3K 2×2 and 6K 2×2 twill weaves. Manufactured in thicknesses of .125″, .187″, .250″ and .375″. Custom thicknesses are available upon request with minimum order quantities.

Carbon Fiber tends to be slightly lighter than G-10, canvas or linen. The carbon fiber materials offers a classy, more elegant appearance.

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